Logic Lounge Psychology provides Telehealth psychological services to individuals or couples. We have a number of Psychologists throughout our various clinic locations that are able to provide telehealth treatment.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to a phone or video conference consultation involving communication between you and your clinician.

How many treatment sessions can be accessed?

If you are eligible for telehealth psychological services, you can receive up to 10+ telehealth sessions with a mental health professional per calendar year

What equipment do you need to access the service?

You will need access to a quiet, private space; a device, i.e. smartphone, laptop, iPad, computer, with a camera, microphone and speakers; and a reliable broadband internet connection. If you don’t have the necessary equipment it may be possible to access telehealth equipment through your GP or local community centre.

Is a telehealth consultation as effective as a face-to-face consultation?

Psychological treatment provided using either phone or video conferencing has been found to be as effective as a face-to-face appointment for a variety of mental health problems. Your GP and mental health provider will talk to you about whether telehealth consultations are appropriate and suitable for you.

I am already travelling a long distance to see a mental health provider (face-to-face) under Medicare. Can I transfer to a telehealth service with them?

If you are currently receiving face-to-face psychological treatment under Medicare, you may be eligible for telehealth services. Speak with us about the availability of these services.

Delivery of Services

  • Book online & we will use Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype for these sessions. There is no need to install anything to enable this.
  • We will send you an invitation by SMS or email at the start of the session and all you need to do is follow the links to join automatically.

Contact us to discuss further and make an initial appointment.