Logic Lounge Psychology can provide psychological services to individuals who are eligible as a part of their Workcover (SIRA) or Compulsory Third Party (CTP) claim.

We have a number of Psychologists throughout our various clinic locations that are accredited by WorkCover NSW (SIRA), and NSW Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) to provide treatment in such cases.

The goal of our Workcover (SIRA) Psychologists is to provide psychological services with a focus on achieving a safe and sustainable recovery at work through an empathetic and evidence-based approach tailored towards each individual client.

You may be eligible for psychological treatment in regard to your injury in the case that this is recommended by your Nominated Treating Doctor.

Our Workcover (SIRA) Psychologists can provide assessment, treatment and assistance to help clients overcome the challenges associated with an work related injury. We take a holistic approach as we understand these injuries can impact an individual’s social, professional and personal functioning.

At Logic Lounge Psychology we take a collaborative approach with the various key stakeholders (e.g. client, employer, insurer and other treatment providers) involved in a Workcover (SIRA) claim with frequent communication and updates on treatment progress, including reports where required.

We accept referrals and enquiries from Nominated Treating Doctors, insurers, rehabilitation providers, employers, solicitors, and individuals for psychological assessment and clinical treatment to assist individuals facing psychological challenges following a work-related injury.

Logic Lounge Psychology strictly adheres to the Workcover (SIRA) guidelines for psychological treatment. This ensures all services are “reasonable and necessary” and time limited. The first session entails an initial assessment, treatment plans are tailored to the client and developed collaboratively with them, evidence based outcomes measures are used to monitor progress.

What we will need to know at the time of your first appointment (or beforehand if possible):

  • Claim number of your CTP or Workcover (SIRA) claim
  • Contact details of the relevant insurer and case manager
  • The number of pre-approved sessions provided to you by the insurer
  • A copy of your Workcover (SIRA) medical certificate (signed)
  • A copy of the job description for your pre-injury role (if available)

Logic Lounge Psychology can request approval from the insurer, where applicable, for additional sessions through an ‘Allied Health Recovery Request’ (AHRR) form, this is completed following the sessions pre-approved by the insurer.

Contact us to discuss further and make an initial appointment.

We look forward to working with you on your recovery at work.

Questions & Answers

How do I get a Mental Health Care Plan?

Visit your GP and ask them for a referral to our clinic. Describe the issues and they’ll give you a referral to see us.

What happens if I don't want to see my GP?

If you don’t want to see a GP, you can visit us without a Medicare Care Plan. You can discuss fees when you call us.

How many sessions do I get by obtaining a Medicare Care Plan?

Medicare provides you with 6 sessions initially. In the event you need additional sessions, visit your GP and they can refer you back to us for more sessions.

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